Eschler Emerging Manager Symposium 2021

At the second annual Eschler Emerging Manager Symposium, manager panelists answer questions from Heikki Luoma, the Director of Research at Zurich-based Peritus Investment Consultancy.

1. Heikki Luoma – Peritus Investment Consultancy (Moderator)

2. Theron de Ris – Eschler Asset Management

3. Richard Simmons – Derby Street Managers

4. Christian Putz – ARR Investment Partners

5. Mathias Wikberg – Agera Capital

6. Mark Walker – Tollymore Investment Partners

For your viewing convenience, every single question asked is timestamped in the table of contents under this YouTube video. Choose the specific content that interests you by clicking the time next to the corresponding question. Alternatively, read the Eschler Symposium Brochure

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